Rule Number One – Don’t Be Late

Famous Musicians often turn up late to interviews or recordings and this is accepted because they are famous and actually they are the star who is in demand.  This will be not be the case in a job interview when the hiring manager is the star and you are trying get into the business and get yourself a new job.

Rule Number One – Don’t Be Late

Rule Number One For Job Interviews is don’t be late. There is nothing worse for candidate or hiring manager than a late candidate and no excuse that you can possibly come up with will improve this situation.  Being late for a job interview at best shows that you lack any form of organisation skills and at worst shows that actually you would rather be doing something else than interviewing at this company.

The number one reason why candidates are late is that they got lost.  Getting lost is really not a good excuse given all the tools out there on the market that can help you.  You have some of the best car GPS Navigation system on the market that are available very cheaply on the market.  Probably the best car GPS system for under $100 is from Garmin although you can spend more money and get a GPS unit from TomTom.  GPS units are very good if you buy a great car gps which is under $200.

A GPS Unit will stop you getting lost and help you to avoid any traffic jams that are on the road.  GPS units these days come with inbuilt systems that help you to avoid the traffic jams and therefore get to your job interview on time.  Hiring managers know this and have heard every excuse in the book and therefore will not accept any lateness.

Yes you can use your telephone, however often the credit runs out, or worse still it cannot find the location that you want to go to.  This is why we would highly recommend that you bought yourself a proper gps unit that will ensure that you are on time.

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