How To Write A Resume For the Music Industry

Writing A Resume is always difficult, but its important to remember that just because you want to enter the music industry, your Resume does not have to be completely different from writing a standard Resume.  You need to make sure that you show you skills, knowledge and experience in the write formate, otherwise your resume is going to end up in the bin.

How to Write a Resume?

How Should You Write a Resume that is tailored for the music industry?  This a very simple question to answer as really you only need to show that you’re a talented musician and someone that the music industry needs to have.  To do this you should keep your Resume to one single page and ensure that you fill this page with relevant information that is suitable for the music industry.

At the top you need write the obvious – Your Name, Telephone Number, Email and City that your located in.  The important part here is to make sure that you have spelt your email address correctly and have the right telephone number on it.  We have all made the mistake of writing the wrong telephone number, but honestly its a classic error that you need to make sure that you don’t do.  Underneath this section should be your profile in which you outline why you’re a talented musician.  List the musical instruments that you play and the fact that you can read and write music.

In the experience section you need to make sure that you not only include you working experience, but any outside musical experience.  Try to make sure that you show what achievements you have whether this be writing songs, passing musical exams or something else.

The education section should be where you show off your education, however this is usually a tricky section as most musicians do not have a super education.  If you don’t have an education, don’t worry, keep this section small and place it at the bottom of your Resume.  Chances are that if the top half of your resume is good enough, you will get a phone call before the hiring manager has got the education section of you’re resume.  If you do have a great education went to Musical School, then make sure that you show this off.

As a last point on your Resume, include your interests, but make sure they are musical related.  So many candidates put in there interests that they are interested in something else other that music which really does not show your loyalty to the industry.

After you have written your Resume is now time to show it off.  You can apply to some great jobs through job boards, however really you need to be sending your resume to companies directly.  Trying to use social media to find out who are the important hiring managers in your company of choice and ensure that your CV lands on their desk.

As a final point, make dam sure that you prepare for any interviews that are given to you.  How do you prepare for a Job Interview?  This is very easy.  You simply need to learn everything about the company that your interviewing at and the hiring manager who will interview you as you possibly can.  This takes some time, but with the internet, its much easier than it used to be a few years ago when you had to physically dig out books on a company and ask your networking hoping that someone would know the hiring manager and give you some easy advice.

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