Buying a SatNav – Here’s Our Opinion

Garmin Dezl 760LMT Truck GPSSatNav’s or an App?

Until recently satnavs had a reputation for driving car owners wild. Still as know-how has improved, overall performance has also improved up to the point where now if you input the correct address you’re going to receive the best instructions possible.  Unless your car is already installed with an integrated sat nav you will probably choose between a couple of possibilities, a free standing unit that will then be installed on a windscreen or possibly control panel, or an app downloaded on to your personal smartphone.


Usually the more you want, the bigger the price tag. If all your driving is done in the UK then most likely a basic model is going to be effective.  Highway safeness is essential therefore you don’t want to be scrunching your eyes to understand the directions and therefore its good to review the display size and then confirm you are comfortable with it. Most Sat Nav Units range between four and seven inches.

Numerous models offer a safety camera warning, warning you whenever identified cameras are ahead. These devices will show the speed limit of the street, and also your present speed. Do check your Sat Nav as to whether or not it includes GPS updates for free.

The SatNav Models

All these devices are will have been recommended, however watch out as selling prices are variable and will depend on the place you purchase it.

Suggested by is the TomTom, which includes maps of the United Kingdom, Ireland and western Europe. It offers free roadmap updates for the lifetime of the unit and voice control to help you manage your system with your voice and for hands-free calling.

The second favourite is the 5-inch Garmin Nuvi 3948MT, with fantastic maps that come with lifetime maps and traffic, speed camera reminders and hands-free calls. Additionally it guides by letting you know of actual landmarks, for example “turn left after the petrol station”.


Smart phone software applications have matured and are sometimes as feature-rich as the free-standing units and the processing speed of most smart phones these days can be as effective as the satnav devices consequently route calculations and re-calculations are fast. Even so often the monitor is actually not large enough to look at the maps on particularly every time a difficulty junction approaches and if you receive an inbound phone call the gps navigation changes to phone mode, which might be distracting.

2 Choices

Wafe is a online community operated free App for Android which allows you to share driver-useful info with other users on the highway. It is possible to actively record crashes, hazards and road alerts, and it even informs you where the petrol stations are en-route, generally with up-to-date cost of fuel. For a totally free app it’s superb, although it lags your journey much more than a satnav.

CoPilot Live Premium UK & Ireland for IOS and Android. It offers you as much as three additional routes for every single trip and you can choose between 2D as well as 3D views. Another plus point a no cost Active Traffic option for 1 year that computes the easiest route around traffic jams, providing you with an estimated time of arrival.