How Did This All Start

It all started in the summer of 1991. . My parents purchased tickets to attend a Judd’s Concert. I was very excited but had no idea the impact that this one show would have on my life. After seeing the mother-daughter combination put on an awesome show, I knew that this was what I wanted. I was going to play guitar and entertain anyone who would listen. After a year of begging my parents for a guitar, they finally bought me an old classical guitar and scheduled my first guitar lesson.

Four years later I started singing at local open mic nights in town, and singing every Friday and Saturday night during my high school days. I also joined my high school’s Swing Band. I took every chance I had to perform. I began writing my own material and eventually invited my sister-in-law, Tina Michelle to sing. Tina Michelle born and raised in rural Indiana sang and performed throughout her youth both in high school advanced choirs and in church. There is a long lineage of beautiful vocal talent in her family. Not only has Tina added her seamless harmonies to the music, but she has also complemented our performance’s with her gifted songwriting.

In 1999 I entered the CCMA (California Country Music Association) yearly competition. I had the honor of receiving the awards for Vocalist of the Year, Instrumentalist of the Year, Songwriter of the Year and Song of the Year for “Found Someone” and “Never Ending Song”. In Tennessee, at the NACMAI (North American Country Music Association International), I was nominated for the Vocalist of the Year, Instrumentalist of the Year, Songwriter of the Year, and Song of the Year for “Found Someone”. To my surprise I received all four awards.

I now have established my band, a great group of accomplished musicians, songwriters and singer. I have played for such acclaimed artist as The Oakridge Boys, Billy Vera & The Beaters, The Nelson, Sally Taylor, Ty Herndon and Hal Ketchum.

Music is in my blood, it will never go away. I write about what I feel, see and know is real. I set out to take my audience on an emotional roller coaster. One that will leave them wanting more…I hope you enjoy my website.

OC/LA based recording artist performs a mix of Country, Blues and Rock. Stylistically speaking, she has successfully created her own original sound. Her songs are lyrically driven with strong melodic hooks. In 1992, starting with an old classical guitar, Anna Marie decided that she wanted to be an entertainer. Her enthusiasm and drive to succeed as a songwriter propelled her to join the Nashville Songwriters Association International, (NSAI), the Newport Songwriters Association, (NSA) and the California Country Music Association, (CCMA) which she joined as a performer/artist.

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She has worked very hard at performing her craft to become the accomplished entertainer she is today. Over the past several years she has received many awards from the California Country Music Association. Anna Marie has the distinction of being awarded the titles of 1999 and 2000 CCMA Youth Vocalist, Entertainer, Instrumentalist and Songwriter of the Year with special honors for Song of the Year for “Found Someone” and “Starting Over.” She also received awards from the North American Country Music Association International as Instrumentalist, Vocalist and Songwriter of the Year along with Song of the Year for “Found Someone.” The awards were presented to her at the Louise Mandrell Theater in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

Anna Marie has performed on stage with the Oak Ridge Boys. She has shared the stage with Ty Herndon, Billy Vera and the Beaters, The Nelsons, Aaron Lines and Craig Morgan. Over the last few years she has performed several shows opening for Hal Kethcum. She has been a regular, performing with her band at many outside events, which include the Festival of Whales, the Toshiba Tall Ships Festival, the Sawdust Festival, Tustin Tiller Days, Second Sunday Music Series (Dana Point Harbor) and the Orange County Fair. She has been a regular at Paul Kulaks Woodshed in Hollywood for over three years.

Anna Marie is very excited about the “Writers In The Round” show at Martini Blues in Huntington Beach CA. She has been hosting and performing at the show for over a year.

Anna Marie’s songs touch and tug at the hearts of all. She has mastered the most important ingredient of good music ”feelings”.

Gypsy Den

“Gypsy Den”

Hello everyone. Just a quick note to tell you that I will be at The Gypsy Den in Santa Ana on Tuesday, January 10th. at 8:00 PM. I will be competing in OC Music Awards for the title of Best Live Acoustic Artist. This will only be a 30 minute (all originals) set. Here’s the 411 on the Gypsy Den 125 N. Broadway Ave. Santa Ana, CA 714 835 8840 FREE The Gypsy Den serves great food and beverages all in a nice cozy environment. See you at the Gypsy Den!

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Hosted by, Anna Marie & Friends, (Anna Marie will be performing at this show) Playing in OC with James Blair, Jessica Burks, Peter Brandon, Kevin Cameron, Kevin Fisher, James Grey, Brian Haner, Anna Marie, David, Saucer, Warren Sellers NO COVER! Come in have dinner and watch this great show Reservations are recommended. Make reservation online at: or Call for Dinner Reservations: (714) 840-2129 Toll Free number for Dinner Reservations: (888)24-BLUES(5837)

This is an annual event that started 18 years ago by Mark Wood at The Blue Beet Cafe in Newport Beach, CA. It’s a wonderful night of holiday music performed by Mark, his daughter Lacey and many of his incredibly talented, musical friends. It’s a small venue, so call Jack’s at 949-252-1023 for reservations today! Ho ho ho!

The Ugly Mug Showcase,


Anna Marie, Steve McClintock, Mark Wood, Kerry Getz
Dennis Roger Reed, Adrina Thorpe, Tina Michelle, Michael R. Gardner, , James Grey

Festival of Whales Street Faire

Hosted by the Dana Point Chamber of Commerce. Dana Point Plaza, 10am- 5pm Pacific Coast Highway North at La Plaza 800-290-DANA or 949-496-1555. Featuring over 120 vendors, fantastic food, crafts, live entertainment and much, much more!

The Crazy Horse

Songwriters: Anna Marie & Friends…Zachary Provost, Kerry Getz, Marina V., Dee Briggs, Joshua Rush, Cliff Nelson, Tony Cockram, Randy McRill, Sherman Fowler, Brother Luke, Bill Storm.

This is a good show to see. Billed as Dean Dobbins and Friends. Anna Marie, Corrine May, James Hurley, Joe Hamilton, Ric Taylor, Marcy Levy, Duane Neillson and Bob Malone.

Kulaks located at 5230-1/2 Laurel Canyon Blvd, North Hollywood, just north of Magnolia and the 101 Freeway. The phone number is 818-766-9913. No Cover but MUST check in on the website before coming down if you haven’t already. To attend this show go to and sign up. Only $5.00 to be a member and attend the show. Kulak’s is a Members Only, Independent, Out of Pocket, Acoustic Music, Singer/Songwriter, Multi-Camera Video Recording Studio and 50 Seat Listening Room. Performances are Web cast Live. Archived Songs 24/7. They are an Intimate, No Alcohol, Help Yourself to Coffee, Tea, and Soft Drinks, that Performers and their Audience have kept Alive with Donations and Operated by Volunteers Dedicated to the Celebration of Music Just fer the FUN of it… Kinda…Thang. Shows (always FREE) from 8:00 –

Relay For Life is a 24 hour celebration of hope, progress and answers. In honor of the millions of Americans who have survived cancer, teams of friends, families, and co-workers raise funds to support the continued fight against the disease. You can walk. You can run. You can Relay For Life.

Laguna Beach artists invite visitors to stroll along sawdust-covered paths through a village of fine arts and superb crafts. Since 1966 this event has drawn visitors from around the world who are looking for one-of-a-kind artwork, including paintings, jewelry, ceramics, photographs, sculptures, hand-blown glass and more. Meet and purchase directly from the artists! Varied art demonstrations including glass blowing, complimentary art workshops, children’s art activities, refreshments and live entertainment make this a memorable event.

Fertitta and McClintock will finally be performing their first show in Orange County in over 24 years! You don’t want to miss this amazing vocal duo. You guys know about Steven and he is good…but when you add David, the blend is just exceptional with the highest quality of songs you could ever ask for. Orange County’s own, Keri Getz, is the opening act and Matt Nelson, from NELSON fame, is confirmed as the spotlight artist prior to the Fertitta and McClintock show.

This is an annual event that started 18 years ago by Mark Wood at The Blue Beet Cafe in Newport Beach, CA. It’s a wonderful night of holiday music performed by Mark, his daughter Lacey and many of his incredibly talented, musical friends. It’s a small venue, so call Jack’s at 949-252-1023 for reservations today! Ho ho ho!

Buying a SatNav – Here’s Our Opinion

Garmin Dezl 760LMT Truck GPSSatNav’s or an App?

Until recently satnavs had a reputation for driving car owners wild. Still as know-how has improved, overall performance has also improved up to the point where now if you input the correct address you’re going to receive the best instructions possible.  Unless your car is already installed with an integrated sat nav you will probably choose between a couple of possibilities, a free standing unit that will then be installed on a windscreen or possibly control panel, or an app downloaded on to your personal smartphone.


Usually the more you want, the bigger the price tag. If all your driving is done in the UK then most likely a basic model is going to be effective.  Highway safeness is essential therefore you don’t want to be scrunching your eyes to understand the directions and therefore its good to review the display size and then confirm you are comfortable with it. Most Sat Nav Units range between four and seven inches.

Numerous models offer a safety camera warning, warning you whenever identified cameras are ahead. These devices will show the speed limit of the street, and also your present speed. Do check your Sat Nav as to whether or not it includes GPS updates for free.

The SatNav Models

All these devices are will have been recommended, however watch out as selling prices are variable and will depend on the place you purchase it.

Suggested by is the TomTom, which includes maps of the United Kingdom, Ireland and western Europe. It offers free roadmap updates for the lifetime of the unit and voice control to help you manage your system with your voice and for hands-free calling.

The second favourite is the 5-inch Garmin Nuvi 3948MT, with fantastic maps that come with lifetime maps and traffic, speed camera reminders and hands-free calls. Additionally it guides by letting you know of actual landmarks, for example “turn left after the petrol station”.


Smart phone software applications have matured and are sometimes as feature-rich as the free-standing units and the processing speed of most smart phones these days can be as effective as the satnav devices consequently route calculations and re-calculations are fast. Even so often the monitor is actually not large enough to look at the maps on particularly every time a difficulty junction approaches and if you receive an inbound phone call the gps navigation changes to phone mode, which might be distracting.

2 Choices

Wafe is a online community operated free App for Android which allows you to share driver-useful info with other users on the highway. It is possible to actively record crashes, hazards and road alerts, and it even informs you where the petrol stations are en-route, generally with up-to-date cost of fuel. For a totally free app it’s superb, although it lags your journey much more than a satnav.

CoPilot Live Premium UK & Ireland for IOS and Android. It offers you as much as three additional routes for every single trip and you can choose between 2D as well as 3D views. Another plus point a no cost Active Traffic option for 1 year that computes the easiest route around traffic jams, providing you with an estimated time of arrival.

Tips to Buy the Best Car GPS Navigation System

In this world where you have to take care of all the driving and directions, it can be a real blessing to have a TomTom Car GPS navigation system by your side. It’s a device that can help all drivers in navigating their way in and out in the unfamiliar locations without the fear of losing the way. It’s so out of the trends to take physical roadmaps today because these technical systems have been developed to show you where you are and where you are going.

Having GPS navigation has its own set of advantages. It is best if you choose the portable one because it can be easily transferred from one vehicle to another and even different drivers can share it. A unit can also be shared with the drivers. The database of the navigation system directs the driver to his destination.

Car GPS Units do not have to expensive and often some of the best brands make great cheap units.  The advice is that you god with a Cheap TomTom or Garmin Car GPS  as with the passage of time, more and more people are getting interested in buying the GPS navigation system. If you are planning to buy a car GPS Navigation system and you are wondering which one is going to be best for you then here are some tips that can help you buy the right one:

  • First of all, you will have to determine how much you can spend for the GPS system. What is your current financial situation on the basis of which you can make a decision? This will help you in narrowing down the choice in the systems available in the market. So you will know you aren’t overspending to purchase the system.
  • List down the features you are looking for in the GPS navigation system for your car. The most common features include touch screen, voice guidance, Bluetooth capabilities, mounting suction cup, small color screen, hands-free, power adapter. If you are short in budget, you can simply purchase the one that can meet your basic driving needs or a slightly older hand-held GPS Unit which will do the job fine
  • You need to explore all the options in the GPS navigation systems available. You must make sure you choose such a unit that is capable of fitting your criteria. You will have to write down the price and features of each model and then see which one is best according to your specific criteria.
  • While investing money in a GPS navigation system, make sure that you get the one that comes with a compass. It has been observed that those navigation systems that don’t have compass are unable to measure the speed of the car. If this feature is missing then the system will never be able to navigate properly. If you live in a crowded area or an in area where there are lots of tunnels, you will need a sophisticated GPS system. So, don’t just compromise on this important features.

You will have to explore the features of various GPS systems and decide which one can fit your individual needs well. This is going to take some time but in the end you are going to get something that will prove to be a lot handy in the long run.

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Want to Work In Financial Services? Allow Me to Share Our Thoughts?

One of the most satisfying but challenging working careers to get into is the world of Financial Services, however because its such a great career even the best candidates with there perfect grades from there top schools and colleges have regularly found themselves unable to enter this market as there exists often a lot competition for each an every role.  Given the limited numbers of banks and huge numbers of both local and international grads, often competition is difficult.

Investment banks will usually receive thousands of applications for their graduate schemes and thus for you to stand any chance of succeeding with an online submission you have to make sure that your job application is perfect and you know how to interview well so that you don’t make any mistakes.

Producing a resume for a Financial services application is in fact very easy. You need to simply make sure that you write down a lot of different experiences that you have had including all your work experiences with Banks and Financial Services Operations.  You also need to make sure that you have watched as many Online Finance Documentaries possible thereby fully understand how a banks investment team works and how your selected career path fits into this area of a commercial bank.

After you have watched a great number of videos, you then should make sure that you have read the best stock market books which will often contain information regarding how to be successful. Its a good idea to try and use an many relevant finance words on your Resume as possible.

Once you have mailed you job application out to banking institutions, you then need to ensure that you prepare for your job interview in the best possible way as without planning an excellent interviewer will catch you out and ensure that you either can not answer a question or have no idea of how to answer a question. Preparation is paramount to ensuring that you do not look silly ahead of your interviewer.
As part of the job interview planning, you should make sure that you look at the company website and any other social networking sites that you can find. The website provides you with a lot of information about how exactly the business functions and what they are good at and whatever they are not good at.

Social media sites will give you an indication of who your interviewer is and they have done is their career. If you know this then you will be able to plan some interview questions to ask at the job interview and therefore you will have something to speak about.

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Rule Number One – Don’t Be Late

Famous Musicians often turn up late to interviews or recordings and this is accepted because they are famous and actually they are the star who is in demand.  This will be not be the case in a job interview when the hiring manager is the star and you are trying get into the business and get yourself a new job.

Rule Number One – Don’t Be Late

Rule Number One For Job Interviews is don’t be late. There is nothing worse for candidate or hiring manager than a late candidate and no excuse that you can possibly come up with will improve this situation.  Being late for a job interview at best shows that you lack any form of organisation skills and at worst shows that actually you would rather be doing something else than interviewing at this company.

The number one reason why candidates are late is that they got lost.  Getting lost is really not a good excuse given all the tools out there on the market that can help you.  You have some of the best car GPS Navigation system on the market that are available very cheaply on the market.  Probably the best car GPS system for under $100 is from Garmin although you can spend more money and get a GPS unit from TomTom.  GPS units are very good if you buy a great car gps which is under $200.

A GPS Unit will stop you getting lost and help you to avoid any traffic jams that are on the road.  GPS units these days come with inbuilt systems that help you to avoid the traffic jams and therefore get to your job interview on time.  Hiring managers know this and have heard every excuse in the book and therefore will not accept any lateness.

Yes you can use your telephone, however often the credit runs out, or worse still it cannot find the location that you want to go to.  This is why we would highly recommend that you bought yourself a proper gps unit that will ensure that you are on time.

If you need further advice to choose a good GPS unit, go to as they have a great deal of selection of all the best GPS units on the market right now.

How To Write A Resume For the Music Industry

Writing A Resume is always difficult, but its important to remember that just because you want to enter the music industry, your Resume does not have to be completely different from writing a standard Resume.  You need to make sure that you show you skills, knowledge and experience in the write formate, otherwise your resume is going to end up in the bin.

How to Write a Resume?

How Should You Write a Resume that is tailored for the music industry?  This a very simple question to answer as really you only need to show that you’re a talented musician and someone that the music industry needs to have.  To do this you should keep your Resume to one single page and ensure that you fill this page with relevant information that is suitable for the music industry.

At the top you need write the obvious – Your Name, Telephone Number, Email and City that your located in.  The important part here is to make sure that you have spelt your email address correctly and have the right telephone number on it.  We have all made the mistake of writing the wrong telephone number, but honestly its a classic error that you need to make sure that you don’t do.  Underneath this section should be your profile in which you outline why you’re a talented musician.  List the musical instruments that you play and the fact that you can read and write music.

In the experience section you need to make sure that you not only include you working experience, but any outside musical experience.  Try to make sure that you show what achievements you have whether this be writing songs, passing musical exams or something else.

The education section should be where you show off your education, however this is usually a tricky section as most musicians do not have a super education.  If you don’t have an education, don’t worry, keep this section small and place it at the bottom of your Resume.  Chances are that if the top half of your resume is good enough, you will get a phone call before the hiring manager has got the education section of you’re resume.  If you do have a great education went to Musical School, then make sure that you show this off.

As a last point on your Resume, include your interests, but make sure they are musical related.  So many candidates put in there interests that they are interested in something else other that music which really does not show your loyalty to the industry.

After you have written your Resume is now time to show it off.  You can apply to some great jobs through job boards, however really you need to be sending your resume to companies directly.  Trying to use social media to find out who are the important hiring managers in your company of choice and ensure that your CV lands on their desk.

As a final point, make dam sure that you prepare for any interviews that are given to you.  How do you prepare for a Job Interview?  This is very easy.  You simply need to learn everything about the company that your interviewing at and the hiring manager who will interview you as you possibly can.  This takes some time, but with the internet, its much easier than it used to be a few years ago when you had to physically dig out books on a company and ask your networking hoping that someone would know the hiring manager and give you some easy advice.

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How to Find a Job In the Music Industry

Trying to find a job is one of the hardest jobs to enter and be successful at mostly because you’re not the only one trying to do it.  Each year, thousands of candidates, try, and fail, to get a new job in the music industry. The good news is that you have a lot of choice into which sector of the music industry you enter.

Do you want to be a singer? A dancer? A DJ? A Musician?  The list is endless, however to find a new job, you are going to have to play to your strengths.  There is no point in dreaming about becoming a singer if you cannot sing.  Brutal I know, but that dream is over, however it does not mean that there is no place for you in the music industry, it simply means that a career as a pop star is most likely not going to happen.

Playing to your strengths simply means that you need to find something that you’re good at and use it to enter the music industry.  Okay you cannot sing and therefore a career as a pop star is probably out of the question, but what about a career a song writer.  This would give you all the access to the music industry, with the only difference being that you’re not actually in the front of the camera, and instead a play a part working with the artists writhing their songs.

The best way for you to get a career as a song writer is to write songs.  Lots of them.  You need to write songs and the music behind them and then get other people to play them.  If you write hundreds of different songs that are all really good and commercial, its likely that one of your songs will find its way to someone famous who will give you your first chance.

To be successful as a song writer, you really only need one good Number 1 to make its way to the top of the 3D Printing Pens chart  and then your reputation will increase that you will be in demand from other artist who will want you to write songs and music for them.